Gus Gun

Song Lyrics

  • Brand New Song

    Let me show you the chords to that brand new song that goes…
    I don’t remember the words but it’s something about love
    And have you seen the clip it’s kind of like wow!
    I want to play that song and now I know how

    It goes...

    It’s the ultimate T.V. radio song
    It really rocks and it kicks it along
    I turn it up when they turn it on
    Now I know the chords to my favourite song

    It goes...

    It goes G Em C to D
    G Em C to D back to G

    Well the drums beat the beat
    And the bass moves the groove
    And the guitar player’s playing things
    That I wish I could do
    And the kids are all singing
    This is my favourite song
    With only four guitar chords
    You can play along

    G Em C to D
    G Em C to D back to G

    G Em C to D
    G Em see it's easy!
    No Em! C to D back to G

    "Brand New Song" Copyright 2017 Gus Gun All rights reserved.